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Significance of self cleaning filter in power plant water system

Self cleaning filter is a common equipment in industrial water equipment, which is widely used in power plant water system. There are many water systems in power plant, generally including boiler feed water treatment, circulating cooling water treatment, condensate treatment and wastewater treatment. Water, as an important working medium in the whole thermal cycle system of power plant, plays an important role. Therefore, the quality of water quality plays an important role in the normal operation of the whole system
In the reverse osmosis system of boiler feed water treatment, because of the poor quality of raw water, it usually contains a lot of impurities and solid suspensions. Due to the existence of impurities and suspended solids, it is easy to increase the system pressure difference, resulting in the decrease of water production, desalination rate and backwash difficulty. Therefore, in order to further improve the service performance and service life of RO membrane, the RO system needs to pre filter the raw water to remove the larger particle size impurities and colloids in the raw water.
The emergence of self-cleaning filter can effectively solve this problem. The self-cleaning filter has the advantages of high filtration precision, large filtration area and high automation. Especially, the filtration precision of the self-cleaning filter can be as high as 25 μ m, which can completely remove the solid impurities that affect the service life of the reverse osmosis membrane. At the same time, when the filter screen is self-cleaning, there will be no phenomenon affecting the operation of the water system. The use of self-cleaning filter can greatly improve the service life of the reverse osmosis membrane, thus reducing the operating cost of the system, effectively ensuring the continuity and stability of the water supply system, and ensuring the normal operation of the water system of the power plant.
At the same time, in the circulating pump motor cooling water pipeline system, circulating pump bearing lubrication water pipeline system, automatic spray water supply pipeline system and public water pipeline system of the power plant, the setting of self-cleaning filter can effectively reduce the turbidity of the water system, reduce the amount of make-up water, and thus reduce energy consumption, which is of great significance to the continuity and stability of the water supply system.


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