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The environmental protection cause of filter -- activated carbon filter

With the advocacy of low-carbon economy and environmental protection economy, many industries have started the cause of environmental protection, which is inseparable from the protection of environmental health. For example, the domestic filter industry has also invested in environmental protection, created active carbon filter, and constantly promoted its development. Active carbon filter not only brings economic benefits, but also forms a strong new growth point of international economy.
The success of activated carbon filter and other related equipment is not only a short time now, but also a great contribution to the whole environmental protection cause in the future. The activated carbon filter is mainly used for water purification of mineral water, various pure water processes, swimming pools and other processes. It has the functions of deodorization, deodorization and chloride removal. The shell of these activated carbon filter equipment is usually stainless steel or carbon steel, filled with purified water activated carbon. According to the adopted technology and packaging form, it can be divided into tank type and tube type. The tank type uses activated carbon particles directly and quartz sand is laid under it, which has high water efficiency, but the regeneration is relatively troublesome. The tube type is formed by adding the activated carbon particles into the binder such as heating and sintering. It is more convenient to use and regenerate.
There are also relevant standards for the use of activated carbon filter. If it is required to be used for high-efficiency filter in high humidity and high temperature environment, filter paper, separator plate and frame material with high temperature and high humidity resistance must be selected to meet the production requirements. If the working environment is located in the biological clean room and the medical clean room, the filter with metal frame must be selected, and its surface is not easy to rust, and the filter with wood frame plate is not allowed to be used, so as to prevent bacteria and affect the qualified rate of the product.
Active carbon filter has a bright future. It implements the low-carbon economy and is a great social progress. The development of low-carbon economy requires high environmental protection requirements, which puts forward higher environmental protection responsibilities and requirements for manufacturers of activated carbon filters. The rapid development of the whole filter industry is obvious to all, which benefits from the national attention to environmental protection. As a member of environmental protection, activated carbon filter is attached great importance by the whole society, and it will usher in a better future.


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