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  • Significance of self cleaning filter in power plant water system

    Self cleaning filter is a common equipment in industrial water equipment, which is widely used in power plant wa

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  • Working principle and correct installation method of Y-type filter

    I principleY-type filter is an indispensable filtering device in the pipeline system of conveying fluid medium Y

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  • Effective improvement of industrial wastewater quality by filter equipment

    With the improvement of industrial level, the pollution of industrial sewage is becoming more and more serious T

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  • Cause analysis of high efficiency filter damage in use

    1、 If the air inlet surface of the high-efficiency filter is dirtier than the air outlet surface, it can be d

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  • Notice on the Spring Festival holiday in 2018

    Dear customerThe schedule of sending during the Spring Festival of Kaimo is as follows: February 14 - February 2

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  • New year's Day holiday notice 2018

    Thank you for your trust and support!New year& 39;s Day is coming in 2018 Our company will arrange holidays acc

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  • Congratulations to Wenzhou Kaimo fluid equipment Co., Ltd.

    Congratulations to Wenzhou Kaimo fluid equipment Co , Ltd "official website " officially launched!

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