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  • Shanghai Petrochemical oil refining Department launched

    Shanghai Petrochemical oil refining Department launched "responsibility list " toRecently, Shanghai Petrochemical oil r

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  • Reverse transportation of natural gas from Tarim Oilfield to Limin pipeline netw

    As of February 20, Tarim Oilfield reversed the natural gas transmission to the pipeline network of natural gas f

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  • Lanzhou Petrochemical "molecular refining" to find the key to optimization

    Since December 2016, 1 2 million tons of diesel oil hydrogenation unit of Lanzhou Petrochemical Company has made

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  • The cracking optimization of ethylene tail oil of Jilin Petrochemical Co., Ltd

    On February 20, the research results report of Jilin Petrochemical Research Institute showed that the research on

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  • Action plan for the implementation of special remediation of environmental hazar

    On the basis of the implementation of the "blue water and blue sky" environmental protection project, Baling Petr

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  • The new environmental protection law set off a huge wave in the valve industry

    The new "environmental protection law" has made a great impact on the valve industry, greatly improving the illeg

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  • The environmental protection cause of filter -- activated carbon filter

    With the advocacy of low-carbon economy and environmental protection economy, many industries have

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